“The Failure of Feminism”: One Idiot’s Opinion

Facebook is full of a lot of meaningless shit. Cat memes, sexual innuendos, embarrassing photos of nights out, club promotions, competitions that nobody ever wins. It can be a great source of communication and news distribution, as well as a platform for sharing unsigned music. 

But it is also a breeding ground for idiots. 

While I agree wholeheartedly that everyone has the right to their own opinion, when that opinion is unresearched, unstructured and weakly supported, it warrants mocking. One page worthy of that mocking is “The Failure of Feminism”, a page dedicated to the theory that feminism is meaningless; that sexism does not exist and is simply women victimizing themselves in society in pursuit of a “power trip”. You can’t make this stuff up: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Failure-of-Feminism/152585091530818?fref=photo

One sect in their community is A Voice for Men: A Men’s Right’s Activists group decrying the mistreatment of men by “angry feminists” and how they have experienced “threats of violence”, to the point where they raised $25, 000 to provide security and protection. Failure of Feminism’s author notes “when you take into account how much money is raised consistently to protect women from men, why would this be something to be laughed at?”  Yes, yes I do.

They pass the whole point of feminism so entirely it’s difficult to decipher whether or not they possess the ability of critical thought. “Feminists should be happy with what they have got, it is much more than women in Islamic countries.” An oft-waved baton proffered by anti-feminists is that we should count ourselves “lucky” because things aren’t as bad as they are in the Middle East. this tool is used to squash the voices of feminists and make them feel bad for protesting against the inequalities in their individual societies, which will obviously differ from each other. 

They dictate that women are victimising themselves in society when it is the patriarchal society itself that does it.

The entire horrorshow of the page speaks for itself- the creators of this page exaggerate and spin news stories to support their corrupt ideology, after they’ve looked up a couple of words on Wikipedia and declared themselves experts on these issues. Unworthy of much time and attention other than to be aware that there is this kind of ignorance in society. 


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