Keyboard Fear – and Other Excuses

Hello my friends. I come to you from the rock I have apparently been hiding under for the past several months. My absence is inexcusable – unless you count binge-watching Gilmore Girls and overdosing on Margaritas (both cocktail and pizza form) in Crete valid excuses. Which I personally do. But nonetheless, it is far from the professional I attempt to present.

So what’s the deeper reason for my neglect? This blog hasn’t dropped out of my head. I actually started another blog for my university course called Space Oddity Mag (, so I was doing something useful with my time. But for some reason, over the summer, whenever this blog came into my mind and I thought “Flip, I should really get back on that”, I managed to find something to procrastinate with.

i think part of the reason for my reluctance to approach the keyboard again is something I’d call The Keyboard Fear. Because the only thing worse than procrastinating is attempting to write something of value and substance, only to churn out 3000 characters of crap. I felt uninspired and disillusioned with it all; what’s the point in writing an entire article on something people probably don’t care about? Isn’t it a slightly more sophisticated form of the Youtube comments section?

Then suddenly and unexpectedly, I was jolted back to life by a bolt of lightning in the form of a brilliant newsletter. Sunday Times Style columnist Dolly Alderton has written a regular blog that witters about the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of today’s popular culture and society. What’s more-it’s brilliant. Usually reading opinion pieces can be a veritable snoozefest, but Alderton’s style is such that it’s a proper delight to read in the morning or after work (okay, even during work). Her writing voice is infectious and hilarious, her tone self-effacing and down-to-earth.

I read her articles because I genuinely enjoy her style and want to hear her thoughts on the recent motions in culture. This is what compelled me to start writing again. Because having a talent for writing can mean that you actually connect with people through how you share your opinions and commentary on the world.

So begins an attempt to keep up a momentum of posts and flooding your brains with my inane, but hopefully, in some small part, enjoyable rants.

(Let’s see how that one goes.)




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